Years 7 to 10 Entry

Apply To The Gregg School For Year 7 to 10 Entry

The Gregg School welcomes ‘In-Year’ applications where there is availability within a requested year group.

We follow the procedure outlined below with all children wishing to join The Gregg School after the start of the school year. This procedure works in tandem with The Gregg School Admissions Policy.

Admissions policy

Applications should be made in advance of July 1st, December 1st and March 1st, allowing several weeks for processing, for commencement the following school term. Please note that scholarships are allocated prior to commencement in Year 7 so will not be available for in-year applications, although applications for bursaries are possible.

Likewise, school transport is scheduled in July of each year so minibuses may be full for a particular bus route. The School will strive to offer a bus place, however this cannot be guaranteed in-year. Generally, children entering the school from Year 8 onwards will take only one Modern Foreign Language: continuing the one they have been learning in their current school (unless they are proficient in two languages at secondary level).

The process for in-year applications takes the following steps, in this order:

  • Completion of Enquiry Form
  • Visit to The Gregg School
  • Application Form completed and £100 fee paid for Entrance Assessment*
  • Recent school report supplied by parents (uploaded within Application form)
  • On receipt of Application Form, Reference requested by The Gregg School from current school
  • Entrance Assessment at The Gregg School
  • Meeting with the Headteacher and Head of Year
  • Two Taster Days at The Gregg School

*If Student Support is required, this will need to be declared prior to application and relevant reports supplied to the Head of Student Support. In-year applicants should be aware that the Student Support provision for a year group may be full and parents will be advised that they are not able to proceed with the application if this is the case.

A place at The Gregg School is offered on satisfaction of the following criteria:

  • Availability in the Year Group
  • Entrance Assessment Results; Whilst the Entrance Assessment does not have a pass mark, we can only accept children who are considered able to access the GCSE curriculum
  • Feedback from Headteacher, Head of Year, teaching staff, support staff and current students from all interactions with the family (including tours, meetings and taster days)
  • Review of current school report
  • Review of current school reference: skills and abilities, attendance, behaviour, disciplinaries, student support, hobbies and personal qualities

On considering the above elements, the Headteacher has the final decision on whether an offer will be made or not.

Where an offer is made, the parents will need to sign a contract, along with providing identification for their child and pay the £350 deposit. Starter Forms will need to be completed and a start date confirmed. Where an offer is not made, the parents will be advised via letter from the Headteacher (usually sent via email).

To start the application process, please contact the registrar to arrange a visit and complete and submit the online Application Form with £100 fee for the Entrance Assessment.