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Apply To The Gregg Prep

Children may enter The Gregg Preparatory School from the age of four by joining our Reception class in the September before they become five years old. Children may join the school at any stage of their school life, and at any time of year.


Reception Entry

Please see linked a summary of the admissions process.

Prospective pupils are encouraged to book a Trial Day and spend a day with their new class. There is no charge or obligation and it allows a child to form some impression of the school. Above all, the happy atmosphere of the school should be self-evident. If you would like to book a trial day please complete the form.

Trial Day Application Form

There is no formal examination although your child will undertake some writing and maths activities with their class so that we can determine their ability and how we can best accommodate their educational needs. Parents and children will meet the Headteacher.

The School offers a number of means-tested bursaries. Please contact the Bursar for further information.

Admissions policy