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Parent FIREFLY Portal

Please click on the link below for the email addresses of the tutors and head of year groups.

Year 7
Head of Year Mrs Crowther
Tutor Mrs Tween
  Mrs Kour
  Mrs Roy
  Mr Cooper
  Mrs Vernon


Year 8
Head of Year Mr Bartlett
Tutor Mrs Garewal
  Mrs Hiley (Friday Mr Barlett)

  Mr Bayford
  Mrs Mansour


Year 9
Head of Year Mrs Azor
Tutor Mrs Carter
  Mrs Carrier
  Mr Morgan-Vassaf
  Miss Parrot
  Miss Hadfield
  Mr Piggot
Year 10
Head of Year Mr Lerego
Tutor Mr  Lloyd
  Mrs Walker
  Miss Dowie
  Mrs Butcher
  Mrs Rendall
  Mrs Webb
Year 11
Head of Year Mr Lerego
Tutor Ms Lethwaitre
  Mrs Lay (Friday Mrs Ebbs
  Mrs Gibbs
  Mr Dullaghan
  Miss Brenton
  Miss Gibbs

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